Email campaigns are one of the leading weapons for Marketing teams, but it is not easy to get the attention of our potential clients. Let’s go to give a few tips to get great emails with clear messages. We not only want our receiver to make click, but also we want them to be happy doing so…

Time is gold

It has always been important, but nowadays time is a precious resource and we all want to optimize it. Let’s create clear and short copies that give a clear description of our offer. Our title needs to be a clear summary, while the content needs to clarify any doubt the reader could have.

Less is more

One CTA is more than enough. It is really common to have a great open rate, but low click conversions. Too many CTAs can distract the reader and avoid his click. Clear message and one or two calls to action are enough. You should avoid excesive distractions.

Eye caching

Nowadays we receive too many emails, too many. Having a great banner or image that catch the attention at first sight, is a great start to make it worth to read your email.

Responsiveness is a key

A big amount of emails are opened in mobile devices. We need to adapt our designs to these platforms. Foundation for Emails (formerly known as Ink) is a great start to accomplish this goal.

Take into account text readers

If responsiveness for mobile is important, it also is important to think that not all the clients will load the images. As consequence you should use adequate alternative texts.

By taking care of the small details you will provide your clients with the confidence the need to spend their time reading your email.